Optimizing Shopify for Vietnam: Unveiling VIECheckout for Seamless Address Integration Optimizing Shopify for Vietnam: Unveiling VIECheckout for Seamless Address Integration

Optimizing Shopify for Vietnam: Unveiling VIECheckout for Seamless Address Integration

In order to serve the need for customizing addresses in the Vietnamese format in previous years (Checkout Liquid), by August 2023, Shopify Liquid will be phased out. VIECheckout (A product of MeowApps) is proud to be the first leading company to introduce the Customize Vietnamese Address Format solution at Shopify's Checkout for the customer base using Shopify Plus.

To use VIECheckout, ensure that your store has been upgraded to the new Checkout Extensibility of Shopify.

Key Points to Remember for Your Shopify Store

  • Why is it necessary to switch from Shopify Liquid to Shopify Checkout Extensibility?
  • What will the conversion process be like?
  • How to install VIECheckout & considerations when using VIECheckout.

Why is it necessary to switch from Shopify Liquid to Shopify Checkout Extensibility?

From its inception to the present day, Shopify has continually introduced numerous features that greatly enhance the support for its merchants. These innovations have been remarkable. However, a significant milestone was reached in July 2021 with the development of the Checkout Extensibility feature. This pivotal update marked a shift in the customization of the checkout page. Previously, tailoring the checkout experience was a complex task, often not suitable for non-technical individuals. With the introduction of Checkout Extensibility, Shopify has made customization of the checkout process more accessible, bridging the gap between technical complexity and user-friendly design. This enhancement signifies Shopify's commitment to evolving with the needs of its users, making advanced customization feasible for a broader range of store owners.

When Shopify Checkout Extensibility was launched, it was promoted with a slogan emphasizing its key attributes: "Faster, Better Performance, Secure, and Safe." This slogan highlights the primary benefits of the Checkout Extensibility feature, focusing on its speed, enhanced performance, security, and safety, which are crucial factors for online businesses and e-commerce platforms.


Comparing Shopify's Checkout Liquid and Checkout Extensibility: Understanding the Differences and Choosing the Right Solution for Your Store


Checkout Liquid

  • Customization Scope: Limited to the layout and static elements of the checkout pages. It primarily allows for basic customizations like modifying colors, fonts, and some layout aspects.
  • Technical Complexity: More accessible for users with basic technical skills, as it involves straightforward template editing.
  • Flexibility: Lower flexibility compared to Extensibility, as it's constrained by the predefined structure of Shopify's checkout process.
  • Security and Stability: While secure, its customization potential is limited, reducing the risk of inadvertently compromising security or performance.

Checkout Extensibility

  • Customization Scope: Offers extensive customization capabilities, allowing developers to create more dynamic and complex features on the checkout page, including custom shipping methods, payment options, and more.
  • Technical Complexity: Requires more advanced technical knowledge, including familiarity with JavaScript and React for frontend development.
  • Flexibility: Highly flexible, enabling a more tailored and unique checkout experience that can better meet specific business needs or customer expectations.
  • Security and Stability: Provides a secure and stable environment for customization but requires a deeper understanding of development to ensure that additions don’t negatively impact performance or security.

In summary, Checkout Liquid is suitable for basic customization with limited technical requirements, making it ideal for simpler, less demanding scenarios. On the other hand, Checkout Extensibility offers far greater flexibility and potential for customization but requires more advanced technical skills to fully leverage its capabilities. This makes it a better choice for businesses needing highly tailored checkout experiences.

What will the conversion process be like?

You can upgrade to Shopify Checkout Extensibility with just a few clicks, but you must contact the Shopify team to say that you need to upgrade to Checkout Extensibility to use accompanying features such as (Combination Discount...).

How to install VIECheckout & considerations when using VIECheckout.

To install VIECheckout, your store must meet the following three conditions

  • Having Shopify Plus is a given
  • Must have upgraded to Checkout Extensibility
  • Must offer shipping to Vietnam

You need to visit the link https://apps.shopify.com/meowcart-checkout-local to install the App, after which you must agree to make a payment (VIECheckout offers a 14-day trial, which can be canceled at any time if you find it unnecessary).


VIECheckout costs $10, but if you use the services of Meowcart or Meowship, the price will be $0.1 per month. You need to contact the developer to receive this preferential price!

Setting Up Your Store for VIECheckout to Work

You need to disable address line 2 to prevent customers from entering information in this section. To turn it off, please visit Shopify Admin - Checkout -> Customer Information and check 'Don't Include' to disable Address Line 2.

After that, you need to go to the Checkout Profiles section, choose a Profile to add Extensions to Checkout. In the Checkout Profile, look down to the bottom corner of the screen (desktop), access Add App Block. Here, you will see a list of VIECheckout Apps. Pay attention to Meowcart Checkout Validation and Vietnamese Address, and add these two parts to the checkout.

  • Adding validation will help check the Vietnamese address at all stages to ensure that the address is in the correct Vietnamese format.
  • Vietnamese Address consists of fields from the Vietnamese Address Format.

VIECheckout only functions once you have accepted payments (allowed for trial) and it only works with Vietnam. If a customer selects another country, VIECheckout will not operate.

  • Here, you have completed the installation of VIECheckout in your store. If you encounter any errors or issues while using it, do not hesitate to contact the app's developer:
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